Right Foot Toenail Removal – WARNING Graphic Photos

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Warning “Graphic Photos” Fungus Be Gone! A final solution to a 40 year toenail fungus problem. Should have done this 10 or 15 years ago. Highly recommended!


Havick1234 says:

i had this procedure done on all my nails so as not to have to cut them, also more hygienic.

feintXIII says:

The last photo is amazing and disturbing at the same time.

Saeed Abulhusn says:

Thanks for sharing. Very encouraging for those suffering with ingrown toenails for years and years.

chevy6299 says:

well ya gots to do what ya gots to do. Did mine over 40 years ago and smiling ever since.

958kris says:

No doubt a very helpful and informative video, but I'll bet you a cheeseburger you end up with more views on the marble machine!

Eric Rusch Sr says:

Wish I would have read "Graphic Photos" before seeing the opening picture.
I appreciate your gesture of kindness in sharing this information, but it may have been better to start with the information phase before showing your problem.
That said, it looks like all has gone well, and in the end, that's all that counts.
Thanks Ron.

Ken L says:

you should have tried Bag Balm

red blight says:

How'd you get them off? We're not talking pliers here are we?

Max Snelling says:

Good information. Thanks for the video.

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman says:

Big thumbs up. I'm currently in the recovery period of having the toe nail removed. And indeed, the moment the nail was removed it felt as a relieve. Unfortunately, after a week it got inflamed a little. So, soaking multiple times a day, keeping it dry and clean, and not much walking around. Now, about 5 weeks later I can wear shoes again without any trouble. Thanks for this post!

Scott Taylor says:

Umm… unsubscribed.

Heavyboxes DIY Master says:

When I see people with toe nail issues, I've wondered if pulling the whole thing would have helped. Interesting. My friend said he lost a nail and the doctor pushed it back in to help guide the new nail out in the right direction.

Johnny Legbone says:

Never cut your big toe corners (if you didnt know) Always cut straight across or get ingrown toenails. (Just the big toe)

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