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One of the London Nail Laser Clinic’s clients told us how our laser treatment sorted out her toenail fungus.

I started to have fungal nail problems about twenty years ago. I did go to my GP who put me on a course of medication for it.

In this country we tend to use or prescribe terbinafine which is an anti fungal tablet which has about 50 – 60 percent success rate however can have some dire side effects ranging from losing sense of taste to having liver damage. You have to have liver function tests every month or so while youre on the tablets. So its not a great choice for most people.

At that time i didn’t continue with the medication because there was contraindication of me wanting to become pregnant or breast feeding so i had a long period of time about 10 years of not having any treatment for it.
So consequently when i started to come here back in 2012 my nails were in a terrible state. I haven’t worn sandals for about twenty years so i wanted to cover them up. And in summer would only wear close sandals. I usually put nail polish on them to cover them up. And i would avoid going to swimming pools and to beaches or anywhere, where my toes would be exposed. Back in 2012 I had a few sessions with the fungal nail treatment which was a little bit more painful then the laser treatment.

There are two main types of laser therapies. There is hot laser which kills nail fungus purely by heating spores up until they die and that costs generally around 700, 750 pounds from course of 2 or 4 treatments in most clinics. But quiet uncomfortable to have near certainly as effective as pain tolerant to most patients and the other type of laser treatment is the cold laser which is the Lumina cold lasers one thats available which in 12 minutes cycle treats the whole foot at once has a very good success rate of about 90 % in clinical trials of over 500 patients and costs about five, six hundred pounds for full treatment package and thats most effective treatment that is out there at the moment.

And I’ve been having them regularly. Initially I think it was every week and then every two weeks and went to every month then every six weeks and now I’m up to every two months. And today fortunately my nails were fungal free. So thats a massive deal for me because they haven’t been for about 20 years. Hopefully I will now not be so embarrassed about my toes i think. My husband has refered them to pigs trotters in the past and now i think he will also be quiet amazed how they are. He has noticed a change in them too which has been great and fortunately I’m now able to put a little of nail polish on them for special occasions. I’m delighted with the gel treatment today because they look like so called normal nails and this is the first in many many years because they’re actually smooth whereas in the past my nails although two of them were smooth but they were the ones that were less affected by the fungal nail problem. They were very very rough and coarse so I’m delighted that now they are smooth and they all look very similar. I was going to say as ten individual nails.


Evelyn Lundy says:

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Lillian Schmitz says:

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Chris Mathews says:

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