DIY Foot Detox/Soak!

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*Disclaimer* – I do not take full ownership of this recipe and foot results.

1 cup – Coarse Sea Salt
1 cup – Epsom Salt
2 cups – Baking Soda
15-30 drops – lavender oil

Put hot water (what you can withstand and it must be hot!) into a bowl or a foot tub and add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of the mixture.

Wait 30 minutes to see results!

**If you do not see results,
It is because you need an ionic electrode foot detox Machine, however this formula will still be relaxing and help your feet get rid of toxins, just not color toxins



**if using ionic electrode foot detox machine

| Color | •••| Material or Area of Body Being Detoxified|
Black – Detoxifying the Liver
Black Flecks – Heavy Metal
Brown – Detoxifying from Liver, Cellular Debris, Tobacco
Dark Green – Detoxifying from Gallbladder
Orange – Detoxifying from Joints
Red Flecks – Blood Clot Material
White Cheese/Like Particles – Most Likely yeast
White Foam – Detoxifying from Lymphatic System
Yellow/Green – Detoxifying from Kidneys, Urinary Tract Females/Prostate area


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