Dr Oller Fans: Check Out Dr Nail Nipper – Toenail Fungus and More!

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Dr Nail Nipper – https://www.youtube.com/user/TWINCITIESFOOT
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Dr. ER - Best of The Emergency Room says:

Check out our firend, Dr Nail Nipper:

Monica Tattooica Sunde says:

I understand that this is not a beautyparlor, but this woman has been working with this so long that it seams like she doesnt care about doing a job also looks a liiiiiiitle bit good.

o says:

Where can I have this procedure done?

looknbakatu says:

would going for regular pedicures help this or only to a podiatrist?

looknbakatu says:

will the toenails grow back normal?

D3ck3rCain says:

i love this!

Sue says:

Why are you posting someone else's videos? Can't stand it when people do that!

Robert Saxell says:

Vicks will stop this fast

David Reece says:

I have similar nails on my feet. But mine are not fungal. They are caused by psoriasis. With psoriatic arthritis you get nail pitting called nail psoriasis. Even though it looks and mimics fungal nail it isn't. The other thing is the pain. It can be excruciating.

Sarah Larouche says:

what causes your nails to become like that? Also, how is that not connected? It it dead nail?

Chris Bushell says:

well she never cut her nails

HelloGum says:

How do you get those nails damn man

Cynthia Dalton says:

I discovered her a short time ago! I can't stop once I start watching.

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