another EXTREME athletes foot care remedy Part 1

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more recent update:
I have been using a special iodine and it seems to be working.


researchfiend says:

@dale3858 I have tried oregano oil and more…I also have adrenal issues which means that my bodys' copper (copper is a fungacide) is not available. I have yet to figure out the root of the problem….Yes I am treating the symptoms.

dale3858 says:

You've had it over a decade!!! Obviously you are not curing it, only treating the symptoms…Cider vinegar gets rid of it in a week…You'll never know what actually works when you're mixing all those ingredients together… 3 thyme leaves in your socks work too…

researchfiend says:

@buujack Fungal infections are extremely challenging and I still contend with mine. If you are really dedicated, eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, perhaps allow squash. Clean out your colon safely. Consume plenty of quality clean veggies and meat. This is pretty strict. This might be a way for you. Being that you wrote so anxiously in all caps, you may be dealing with Adrenal Fatigue, which often goes hand in hand with fungus..Consider working with that. Info is out there. Do research.

researchfiend says:

@hulkrulz There was only one way though I did my best to pick through it. It was four years of walking through it…..

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