Fugly Toenail Transformation| Ugly Toenails Transformed Into Hollywood Toenail Art Best Pedicure

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Fugly Toenail Transformation| Ugly Toenails Transformed Into Hollywood Toenail Art Best Pedicure
Best video you will see on internet today about nails before and after manicure. These Videos Are Taken From Instagram page nail_sunny. Go And Subscribe this page. here’s the link of there page :

Nail Sunny

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This Video is about cleaning toenail and see how this feet is transformed. This video demonstrates medical treatment, performed by a professional.

Products Used :

1- https://shop.vetro-us.com For Nail Polishes And Tools
2- https://akzentz.com/product/luxio-uvled-soak-off-gels For Tools And Nail Polishes
3- http://clearance.co.il/en/ For Sanitizing And Cleaning
4- https://www.nailsuperstore.com/nail-supplies/nail-file-implements/155 For Electric Nail File

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Another video of nail before and after :

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Esperanza Hernandez says:

Esto es lo peor que le puedes hacer a tus pies ! El french, causa hongos en las uñas cuando te bañas siempre entra un poquito de agua la cual es suficiente para guardar humedad y desarrollar hongos.

Mi Moda Polish Studio says:

Adjust gel polish is that

Dana K says:

I thought acrylic should not touch the skin. The oils will cause it to lift

Dahlia22273 says:

What causes this type of extreme damage?? It looks painful!

Liliana soto says:

Amazing job…

Mkay TeleGaming says:

What's this song

Cas Lynn says:

Neo Trix where are you located:? I want to book a session with you, please! You're amazing and I appreciate you going out of your way to make these videos. So please let me know where you are located; I'm definitely going to be a NEW CLIENT, SOON! PLS LET ME KNIW; THANK YOU, NIO TRIX 💅💘💄👠💎💰

Mazda87 says:

Glad to see videos covering feet like this as most people just avoid them. Please show your set up

Samantha Zimmerman says:

I thought it was not good if acrylic touched the skin??

Meagan Hiller says:

Everyone complaining about the implements. They are metal and usually put in a hospital grade disinfectant after each client. As a nail tech 90 percent of the clients I saw had nail fungus. Unfortunately it's very common and once you get it, it's extremely hard to get rid of. You have to stay on it constantly and thats just to keep it from spreading. As long as your tech is clean and knows what they are doing your fine.

Mstellitlikeitis48TheTea says:

Nice video, but question, what treatment did you put on the fungus, what is a really good brand for that. new subbie here

D Marie says:

What is that nail color? How do i get my hands on that?! It's gorgeous

kenyatta walker says:

How do you not have more subscribers thus is a wild transformation. You have an amazing talent

Kirichi Ame says:

Why don't you use a nail form to build the nail? Ive never seen acrylic put on a nail like that before…

Jeanna Walton says:

This looked amazing, really! I had no idea you could help people with issues like this. It appeared that some of the issues were nail removal……………so does the polymer that you are applying just sit there if there is no nail growth? Does it grow out as normal nail growth continues? Do clients clip it then themselves, or is this something you need to do for them? Does this trap fungal growth underneath like another viewer suggested?

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