Top 10 Beauty Uses Of TEA TREE OIL

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Top 10 Beauty Uses Of TEA TREE OIL
Did you know that you can use Tea Tree Oil to treat acne, to make DIY Natural face wash suitable of dry oily sensitive acne prone skin? To treat dandruff and hair lice? To treat common cold and foot fungus? You can also use Tea tree oil to cure bad breath and make DIY deodorant! It’s crazy how amazing the beauty benefits of tea tree oil are! This is how to get rid of acne and dandruff naturally at home! Also guys, definitely try out the raw honey face wash. It’s amazing!

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Vibha B says:

New challenge revealed : Do balle balle every time Darling says "tea tree oil" 😂 You can dance on a entire Bollywood track 😅😅

Poonamkothari Kothari says:

Hey pls review lagirl pro concealors

Leena L says:

I do not understand why I couldn't "discover" you earlier… You have the BEST solution to ALLL my problems that I was facing since yearsssss…Yes "yearsss"…I Love ALLL & by ALLL I mean ALLL your videos…. Thank you sooo much for all the tips & hacks & everything…😊

ashmeet kaur says:

your neck and face is not matching.please do something my OCD is kicking in!😅😅

ruchika chakradhari says:

Pls suggest some good tea tree oil

Sumana Gowda says:

very useful info……………….
what lipshade are you wearing

Rasika Bankar says:

Please do a yves rocher routine haul please

Missreepee says:

If you're too lazy to dilute the pure tea tree oil, just get the body shop one which is already diluted to dab on pimples etc. It is amazing how quickly they disappear.

Allie Lavoie says:

I've also used tea tree oil on plantar's warts. Dab it on straight from the bottle every night before bed and put a sock on it. It cleared up when none of the over-the-counter medications were working. I'm sure the foot soak would work for this too. I will try it next time.

Poulomi Banerjee says:

I use lemon for my underarms and really works and now going to use with tea tree oil …..thanks MrJovitageorge

Zaara Khan says:

few times u said "Thhe three oil" and few times "tea tree oil"..

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