Terrible Ingrown Toenail Gets HUGE Relief | TheNP

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This was a pediatric (15yo) patient who was afraid to tell his mom about his toe. By the time I saw him, the swelling and infection had worsened. But he has such a HUGE relief now that it is fixed.

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danilo anria says:

Comb those toe hairs bro

MeMathematician says:

Will they keep growing that way again??

Tameka Smith says:

That man look like he is loose a lot of blood

medic13601 says:

A tourniquet on the toe could have helped with some of the bleeding

JMV says:

I can't stop laughing.

Micah Hamson says:

You could braid his toe hair

Joshua Salas says:

Wow that looks painful, how does one get a ingrown toe nail

Sketchy says:

I have an ingrown toenail, but it's only at the top corners and jesus christ i didn't know it could get that bad

BigChief6191 says:

I had mine removed a few years back omg biggest relief I have ever felt after a full 3 weeks with it

Zane Huff says:

Pulling the toenail out was satisfying.

OpTic KTG says:

My toes feel relieved just watching this video

Shay States says:

omgggg 😣

Cora Chems says:

I was wincing the whole time I watched this, why do I do this to myself

Faith Walker says:

They could use the toe hairs to cut off the circulation.

Asia Infantino says:

Those toe hair

Rob Lane says:

15 years old with toe hairs as long as my pubes….jesus.

Beautiful Nightmare says:

yep…now I need to barf!

Humanoid Radio says:

When you're in that small percentage where the acid doesn't work. :")

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