Toe Nail Fungus – Treatment & Prevention

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The FootGeekz discuss cause, treatment and prevention of fungal toe nails. For their video on Smelly Shoes, causes & solutions, go here:

Video Content:
– Toe nail fungus
– Cause
– treatment
– prevention
– sterishoe

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Amy Zajac says:

Right after two weeks, I already noticed some improvements on my toenails. I`m always making use of this fungus treatment method “yuzo shocking plan” (Google it). I constantly utilize the treatment method for two weeks and to my surprise, my nail was now free of fungus infection and its brownish blackish spot.

Evelyn Lundy says:

There isn’t an instant nail fungus cure. It’s been months since my partner used this fungal treatment method “yuzo shocking plan” (Google it) twice a day for his nail. The treatment solution is truly potent. It treated both of his pinkie toes in a couple of weeks, and the big toes are all cured except for the last stubborn remnants at the side of the nail.

Shauna Dewoody says:

Started out seeing clearer toenails in two weeks. I am always making use of this fungus treatment method “yuzo shocking plan” (Google it). Within 14 days the brownish blackish spot I had on my nail from fungus was gone.

Shauna Dewoody says:

My fiancé is dealing with foot trouble for quite some time and without any luck, he can’t discover the excellent remedy for it. This toenails fungus treatment “yuzo shocking plan” (Google it) is the only thing he has utilized that has actually done anything to end it. Really would recommend to anyone who inquired.

Halcyon Laser Solutions says:

Hey Foot Geekz!

You forgot one really fast, effective and safe treatment for toenail fungus! The Cutera GenesisPlus Nd:YAG laser! This laser is FDA and Health Canada approved for the treatment of nail fungus and has several advantages over its competition. Its large spot size and patented microsecond pulse-width enable it to deposit its energy quickly and deep enough to effectively disable fungus. Each treatment takes less than 20 minutes and clear nail growth can usually be visualized in 1-2 treatments!

Halcyon Laser Solutions also uses this high powered laser to treat warts, accelerate scar remodeling, and treat Morton's Neuroma.

Halcyon Laser Solutions has been successfully using this laser to treat nail fungus, warts, scars and neuromas since it was approved in Canada in 2011. Visit our website at to view our various locations in the lower mainland.

Bart Zych says:

Foot baths with a dozen drops of tea tree oil always work for me as both a preventative and a healing method.

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