How to use Magnesium Oil Therapy – Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD

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Transdermal magnesium oil is ideal for pain management as well as sports and pediatric medicine.


cheryl baker says:

Does the magnesium oil you spray in your mouth have to be food grade or a different type for oral?

Evan Staley says:

Hahaha his face when he drinks it xD It tastes like crap!

Mark Shields says:

Dr. Sircus, any recommendations on taking magnesium for my Parkinson's I've had since 2013? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

astermd says:

since magnesium is transdermal can it be gargled? thank you

Lisa Capri says:

I am a tennis player and extremely fit and healthy. I tried magnesium oil and it's effects destroyed both my game and me. I became severely mentally depressed whereas before I ever used magnesium I was happy and my normal outgoing self. With the oil I also became withdrawn and paranoid, I looked terrible on it, wasĀ void of all energy and constantly tired all throughout the day. Normally I practice up to 6 hours a day without a break, twice what Serena Williams does and still have energy left over. I also became very snappy and moody on magnesium and everyone including my coach have told me to quit this stuff as it is destroying me. Now I'm off it my coach has said it is like comparing night from day and I am now a top player again. Whilst on the magnesium I lost all incentive in everything and, there would be no-way I could ever win a match let alone a tournament whilst on magnesium. Never again!

Francine L. says:

Merci beaucoup.

Anne Moore says:

Is this spray magnesium chloride? can you spray and drink magnesium chloride?

Poet Guide says:

My friend who had terrible asthmas attacks all her life was greatly helped by Magnesium oil. She recommended it to me because I'm an insomniac and have high blood pressure. A combination of Epson salt bath and M oil got rid of my insomnia for good and pulled down my blood pressure to normal levels. Magnesium is pretty incredible stuff.

Trudy Vaccaro says:

I use magnesium oil daily it's awesome I'm currently using ancient minerals
is their a better brand?

AdrianArevalo68 says:

how much magnesium oil does it take to mix in with the baking soda in a bath?

Francine L. says:

Is a 500mg of magnesium a Day (250mg X 2 – oxide, gluconate, lactate) is a good dosage? I had all kinds of weird symptoms last year such as vertigos inside my head, very irregular heart beats especially at night. It would take my heart two hours before it calms down and fall asleep. Magnesium intake solved these problems but should I take more than this dosage to be at my best?

Rajasajaran Sajaran says:

The amount of energy required to run our nervous system can only obtained from magnesium.

Rajasajaran Sajaran says:

I really find magnesium is a miracle health remedy for every human being in the universe

N 9 N E says:

Just do 1-2 cups of epsom salts per bath along with 1 tsp of vitamin c and maybe a tablespoon of baking soda. His amounts are probably for patients that are dying and in a life/death situation.

Jonny Chaos says:

You take too much ya ruddy zipfarmer.

Jonny Chaos says:

Ahhhhh shaaaadaappppp

Dorrisday22 says:

how can you eat this product it's for external use only help me someone?

Johnboy T. says:

Thank you for your wonderful help!

Debra K says:

how would one use for TMJ, neck, ear & shoulder pain from TMJ was using olive oil?

Angelica Martin says:

Thank you so much for the video!
Can anybody tell the proportions to make the oil?
I found 1/2 cup of magnesium cloride and 1/2 cup of water
Can anybody tell how much that is in grams?
I,m from Chile and found 33 g bags at the drugstore

And my second question is should I washed it out of my body? in minute 3 he says leave it 30-40 min and then take a shower and before I understood to spray and leave it on your skin
thank you very much!

vaprex says:

I was skeptical about the amount of magnesium he claims is in ocean water, and how much you would need to put in a bath tub to match ocean levels. So I did the math:
– An average sized bathtub that is 3/4 full (so that you can enter without overflow) is ~ 30 gallons, which is 250 lbs of water. (30 gallons * 8.34 lbs/gallon). Magnesium is dissolved in sea water at a concentration of 1,000 parts per million, which is a percentage of: 0.001% (1,000 divided by 1,000,000 = 0.001%). So, given a bathtub with 250 lbs of water, you would need to add (250 * 0.001) lbs of magnesium, which is 1/4lb (of pure magnesium). Of course, you don't purchase magnesium in pure form, it's in magnesium chloride (salt) form, where at most ~25% is magnesium (given the atomic mass of Magnesium versus Chlorine). Still, 1 lb of magnesium chloride should get you relatively close to ocean magnesium content unless the magnesium salts are not very pure or have lots of other junks and fillers in them – which they probably do unless you are purchasing from a chemical supplier.

Anyway, hope this helps someone. Bottom line: for a regular bath, 1 lb of Magnesium Salts should get you pretty close to ocean water level… For large baths / Jacuzzi tubs, add maybe 2X. šŸ™‚ Peace!!

Trudy Vaccaro says:

Thanks for the recipe

Out of Babylon says:

Wonderful information. Thank you!

Maria Claudia Marques says:

Muito obrigada por suas informaƧƵes!

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