Why Lotion Never Fixes Dry Cracked Feet & Heels

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Dr. Berg talks about why lotion never fixes dry cracked feet or heels. This is a internal nutritional deficiency, primarily vitamin B3 (niacin). This is usually a problem with your digestive system.

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Siddhanth Bukte says:

I'm rеseеeеаrсhing rеееduсing nаil fungus quiссссklу аааnd fоund аааn аwееееsоmе resоurсе аt https://twitter.com/595009ca3e43f8e82/status/822776815223615488

seinfan9 says:

Avacoda lol

Liria Echarri says:

What an eye opener!!! I cannot understand why people keep treating they symptoms when this type of information is available.

Thank you very much Dr. Berg for helping us understand the underlying causes for so many things.

Your help is invaluable!!!!!!

Cyndi Smith says:

If you've had damage from the antibiotics- how do you fix that?

Giveit2mehRAW says:

Man this is insane, almost all the info I need you have a video for. Thank you so much.

SkyNet says:

Geez what if you are vegetarian

Norma Feyjoo says:

Also if you're sugar levels are too high.

Franz Berger says:

i take suppliments still i have a craked feet …and rough skin ..

RaZaRZ says:

hi doc Eric I finally understand the acnes on belly! it's each time I eat peanuts in any form gives me this! also cakes made of heavy flour. so CE I eat brown bread I'm having less trouble of digesting problem and other discomfort.i make my faratha with wheat flour too and I'm having a happy digestion.thaks for your clues and tips I read on some of your videos 😃

garden flowers says:

I am very impressed with your videos, the reason for that, is that you have the photographs of the symptoms, and you are making comments on each, so it is so easy to understand,I have always suggested that health galleries is the best way to know what it is,

Harib S.H. says:

Dr.Eric Berg
Is there B3 supplement and is it safe to take?
Because i was advised by a doctor to take supplement of a B complex which has only B1 B6 and B12
I wanted to take B3 as well, because, I have these cracked feet and also diarrhea issues sometimes after eating food.

lisa ILuVmYcatz says:

I found something that works for very dry cracked feet it works so time to tell everyone. it's call pond's dry skin cream in the blue and white jar. 2 times a day in morning or afternoon and at night wear socks to bed, for 1 month. after that you can coast a couple months then you need to keep using it 1 or 2 times a week.i told my doctor about this treatment and to tell her patience. my feet are baby soft again. all dryness and cracks gone.

Vinod Hoval says:

kahi kalat nahi

Koreiko House says:

Good information! How much and how long do I take this L-tryptophan to treat cracked heels?

Genie says:

has anyone had any luck trying this?

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