FYF Outdoor Wear Socks Indestructible | Australia | Cant Believe They Make That

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Fyf Outdoor Socks In Australia !

Indestructible Outdoor Socks

Say good bye to athletes feet with your new athletes foots. These socks are created with a material that is 20 times stronger than steel and can protect your feet from all those terrifying shoe makers.

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low rez says:

Act now and we'll throw in a free bag of unicorn excrement!

Gil Segre says:

can walk on broken glasses and hot floors?


Make gloves to

Ivy Lagman says:

My pair only lasted 10 days the sole rip out

GoProXadventures says:

You can still stub the sh*# out of your toes

I says:

That website you link to. It's totally broken.

Douglas Kmiotek says:

Very nice. Too bad the price is astronomical,… These cost so much, the everyday athlete can't afford them.

Meriah Smith says:

Where can I buy these?  I hate shoes, they always hurt my feet.  How much do they cost?

Mathew Andrews says:

How do I buy these socks

Jonathan Cantu says:

I want these socks

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