trimming/debriding fungal toe nails and calluses

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trimming thick fungal toenails and calluses by a podiatrist. For educational purposes only.


casino life says:

can you answer my question please, why do these people don't treat the nail fungus, kill the nail fungus and they won't have these problems.

LadyEMC2TV says:

Does it hurt the patient when you cut the nails and use that scalpel?

Amy Zajac says:

After 2 weeks, I already spotted some developments on my toenails. I am always making use of this fungus treatment method “yuzo shocking plan” (Google it). I religiously make use of the treatment method for two weeks and to my surprise, my nail was now free of fungus and its brownish blackish spot.

Pave Stiletto says:

This individual has claw and hammer toes and needs surgical reparations (toe fusions). I speak from experience–It makes all the difference in the world.

Aditya Patil says:

What kind of doctor should one meet for such nails? my dad has such nails and we are in India.

QueenAmy says:

Yes! More videos like this, please- thick toenails and callus removal! Thanks for uploading. I find this relaxing.

dr troy turner says:

claudia martinez says:

oregano oil works for me

kimberly sheehan says:

What is that skin shaving tool called? I want one


Why not just remove those toenails and have new ones grow in?

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