Get rid of dry, crusty feet with Apple Cider Vinegar!

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Are your feet ready for sandal season? I have neglected my my feet since going to get a pedicure for my birthday (NOV)and picking up a foot fungus from the nail salon! So my feet were so dry and after scratching bae in bed I was like oh no I have to do something about this 😂 . All you need is 2 8oz bottles of apple cider vinegar (any brand) and a pumice stone and foot file and raw shea butter. Super cheap and easy way to get baby soft feet in 20 mins or less. Only downside is the vinegar smell lingers so wash your feet after bathing them in the vinegar

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BootCamp says:

Wow I'm definitely trying this. Not with my braggs though lol. I'm gonna go out and buy the cheap Acv for this at the dollar store. Thx!

Mike Stalley says:

God, I feel like I owe you something for this vid.

Hello Kiki says:

Looks great!

Marsum says:

I never would have thought of this and have a couple of bottles in the pantry. Since this is my home spa day I'll give this a try.

The Life Of Zay says:

I'm definitely trying this

Dee Sartin says:

I am trying this! Tfs

Rainbow says:

I love your channel. .and definitely trying this!

Cheryl Boone says:

Trying it tonight!

Nicole Davis says:

Wow! Imma try this. tfs..

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