Toe Fungus Healing w/Kangen water Strong Acidic 2.5 pt 1

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Some twenty years ago a table fell on my foot on
my left big toe. The toenail has never been seriously addressed for healing…. until now. Pls. follow along.

Kangen water 2.5 Strong acidic …Kills 99.9 % of bacteria while it cleans, sanitizes and sterilizes
the area or surface it is used.

Heals skin issues, toe fungus, cuts, burns, bug…spider.. mosquito bites stops itching fast!
Relieves toothache pain, sore throat and more!

Great for Home, hospitals, clinics, restaurants,
hotels, fitness centers, cleaning businesses etc.

Enagic’s Kangen water SD501 alkaline water generating system is a registered Medical device in Japan where it is manufactured. Established 40 years.
Yes!! Financing Options are available!


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