Does it Work? Amber Listerine Foot Soak

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Hi ladies, today’s video is a follow up to my original Listerine foot soak video. I wanted to try out the amber color Listerine to see if it worked better.

Keep watching to find out!

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If you would like to see my thoughts on the blue Listerine foot soak, see below:

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Aniya di Lioness says:

Worked like magic!

Diane Bourn says:

the vinigar alone is good for your feet, it does softens,works on fungus.look it up .

Ghost RADER says:

Think i just figured out how the smurfs turned blue …smurf berry listerine bath lol

Jessica Constantine says:

Try baby foot! It's amazing

Patricia Mesa says:

use store brand mouth wash and apple cider vinegar not white

Kent Rockwood Tyler says:

I have to quadruple mine. I wear steel toe work boots and cowboy boots a lot. I don't like having nasty feet. The first time I tried it I didn't have blue, but the second time there was blue. So….I got to thinking about those blue tablets they made us chew up as kids so we knew where we still had icky stuff that needed to be brushed away.

I use a hand held grater from Walmart, and get kitchen scrubbing pads. They come in green and other colours. Green is the stiffest and I use that. I use the scrubbing pad on my nails and all over the foot. Then I take a tool and clean out under my nails and around, etc.

No blue. If you still got blue, you still got funk.

Butterfly Queen says:

can I still get the naked 2 ?

Jack John says:

88 thousand people listened to you babble for 7 minutes hahahaha, has your husband or boyfriend killed themselves yet???

Mj Donson says:

Listerine/Apple Cider Vinegar does work. Yes your feet may turn blue if you use the blue mouthwash. If your feet turn blue on top use a softer brush to scrub the top. As for how much product to use, I use equal parts Listerine and Apple Cider Vinegar and double the water to both. 1 cup of mouth wash+1 cup of vinegar (apple) + 2 cups of water! Sit back relax with a glass of vino and soak your feet. Use a pumice stone and foot scraper ( I have used a $1 cheese grater from the $tree store) Once done put Vaseline on your new improved feet and a pair of socks! Then go sandal shopping! 😉

Kit kat says:

Soak for an hour guys!! It will work! 😊👍👍👍

Sailor Popy says:

You amaze me, how much you can talk and say soo LITTLE. Sad.

T-bomb says:

You talked 7 minutes non stop without taking one breath

ken barker says:

scrapage LOL!

Rima Khadra says:

I used blue mouth wash from dollar tree with apple cider vinegar and it worked for me. My feet did not turn blue.

Mark Nagle says:

A guy here, I love flip flops and go barefoot,  so I take care of my feet, dislike dry feet . The Listerine and vinegar didn't work for me either. Besides, it made my feet stink. The best way I found to keep my feet soft and smooth is Credo callus rasp. It's a foot file with two sides of volcanic rock that seem to outlast other foot files on the market. I've had great results with it. I'm not a medical professional but I'd stay away from any foot file if you happen to be a diabetic or suffer from poor circulation.

Kooldragon400 says:

My father used the amber Listerine until he could no longer brush his own teeth.  That stuff is NO JOKE.  I wanted to be like daddy (Oh the dreams of little girls) one day and put some in my mouth.  It's like ACID.

Angus McFungus says:

Someone was trollin you fucksake are you stupid. Listerine and vinegar turns your feet blue or whatever colour the listerine is!!!!.

Kelly Cole says:

Use baby foot…

AnimaLover4187 says:

Buy baby feet!

Lenora Brown says:

 I used this recipe a few months ago and it is ideal to have just before a pedicure. 1/4 cup of Listerine and 1 cup of warm water (as warm as you can stand), 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Soak your feet for 20 minutes. While soaking, rub your heels together and the sides of your toes in the warm water. You can feel the difference within minutes.

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