How to remove the STINK from your shoes – No more foot odor, stinky, smelly feet.

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We all have shoes that we would like to remove the odor from, or shoes we would like to keep from becoming stinky. Well, here is a simple and proven tip to make this a reality.

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Baby Powder


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Cristi says:

the music is to loud man , we need to hear you, not the music ffs ..

Crazie Weirdo says:

I'm a girl but dis helped meh. :3 thanks.

StevenBoy BlogGame says:

Oh man, I think I should do that too

Chavanun Siphomsay says:

how do u get rid of the powder though?

EFreezy716 says:

I used to do that…now I stuff my shoes with 3-4 dryer sheets and they soak up the moisture, makes your kicks smell VNDS fresh.

RathOne123 says:

nice shoes! where can I find a pair of these? or what are they called?

Precious Khyff says:

How long to keep it in there ? And how do you get the powder out?

Lirm 0'Brirn says:

will it work in fluffy slippets?

dubbleplus says:

How do you remove stinky circus music from a potentially good vid???

Ahmed Waseem says:

thanks bro helps me alot

BurpleNurple says:

do you remove the powder or no

Maegan Patterson says:

I have black shoes

Alex J says:

How about some baking soda

thang tran says:

How do u get the baby powder out of the shoes?

pc gamerzboyz says:

Instead of getting rid of that Oder get rid of those shoes lol just joking but great vid an thanks

Dk Fresh says:

i just put that laundry thing and baby bowder in it

TheLkvoice says:

I don't have any baby powder can I use Charlie?

billyblackburn87 says:

thanks so much i have the smelliest feet and ass known to man! its so bad my whole flat block were evacutated they thought it was sewage leaking in the grounds

Arturo Rodriguez says:

Thank you for uploading ! but i guess my sons shoes feet are in another category cus the powder only work for the night, he wore them again for 5 min  and they smell really bad again i can even smell them 6 feet away hahaha

Algerian Don says:

You can also use talcum powder which I think is the same as baby power 😉

Benjamin Henshaw says:

You sir have saved me from my brothers hand me down shoes, in till I get new ones! Cheers!

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