Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus – NYC Podiatrist Manhatt

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Laser Therapy for Fungal Toenails – NYC Podiatrist Manhattan and White Plains, NY
Dr. Jeff Adler discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for Fungal Toenails.
Fungal nails refers to any number of fungal nail infections that can occur on the foot. Since fungal nails are usually more resistant and more difficult to treat than Athlete’s Foot, topical or oral antifungal medications may be prescribed. Note: Please consult a physician before taking any medications. Permanent nail removal is another possible form of treatment for tenacious fungal nails. Laser treatments are now also available.
Preventing Fungal Nail Infections

After a fungal nail infection has cleared up, take steps to prevent the infection from recurring. Keeping fungi at bay will help prevent a fungal infection of the skin from reinfecting the nail. Before bed, thoroughly wash and dry your feet, and apply a nonprescription antifungalantifungal cream to the entire foot from the an


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