Curing Toenail and Foot Fungus Easiest Way For Busy People

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DON”T USE THE OIL STRAIGHT ON KIDS!!! DILUTE IT WITH OLIVE OIL! Also, be sure to alcohol and peroxide the nail file in-between each use so you don’t reinfect yourself!
Check out my other video about this on my channel and check out my post about this on my blog: and type in “fungus” in the search box at the bottom of the home page to find this post. I made a video awhile back as I noticed that the hydrogen peroxide soaks I was doing on my feet was curing my toenail fungus on my big toe. I did them regularly but then had lots of crazy stuff happen in my life and I didn’t have time for foot soaks and the fungus started to get worse again so I tried this other method and now it is healing and it takes me about 10 seconds before bed in total. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Thanks for watching!


Rodrigue Noche says:

OK thanks I will see wtha I can do

Rodrigue Noche says:

please can I see it in a pharmacy

Rodrigue Noche says:

thanks very much but I am in dubai so can I have it here please

Rodrigue Noche says:

please wtha is the nem

Dimitri Borozny says:

Wear open toe shoes in the summer. In other seasons:wear either nylon running shoes or leather loafers without socks or stockings and put goldbond or foot powder in your shoes and switch up pairs over the week.

Dimitri Borozny says:

For starters: NEVER wear socks, today's cotton socks attract fungus because they are GMO.

bandgeekforever100 says:

I'm sorry to hear about your mother. My grandmother just passed away last month and the other one was just put into hospice care. So I know how you're feeling. Thanks for the video

Coast 2 Coast says:

Ma'am, another great remedy is to gently scuff up the nail with a nail file, then apply tea tree oil.

Tonya Polk says:

thank you so much for the information I was not sure on where you could get it or what exactly it was I will look it up.. once again best wishes for you and your family

Tonya Polk says:

my husband has it pretty bad he has had it for about 8 years and he doesn't want to take the oral medicine because they say it is really bad on your liver I have been pretty lucky not to catch it I'm hoping this will work about how much does the oil cost

Tonya Polk says:

first of all I am sorry to hear about all the hardships you and your family are having in the loss of your mother I hope things start to turn around for you… second I am kind of confused on what you are using the oil for and had you been using it all along or is it something you just started and if it is necessary to cure the fungus or if the soaks alone will do that..


in your other video u said u reuse the hydrogen peroxide. how often do u replace it until it loses its strength?

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