Natural Cures For Toenail Fungus: How To Remove Fungus From Toenails Naturally

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Also, here are ten more ways to treat your pesky nail fungal infections that turn your toes yellow and causes an unbearable itch:

Immune System Boost

It may not seem like it, but that little toe is fighting a big battle and your whole body is helping. Ridding yourself of the fungus will be a lot quicker and easier with the support of a healthy immune system. Blueberry and kale smoothies, raw cloves of garlic, and plenty of Vitamin C will go a long way in treating your toes. These remedies solve a lot of the body’s problems by naturally helping fight infections. Consuming olive leaf extract, live kombucha, and chia will also increase the rate of healing. This process will require plenty of patience and may not completely rid your body of the fungal infection. Use the immune systems boosts with other treatments to find the solution that works best.

Prevent Further Spread

Funguses often continue to spread during treatment. You can avoid this by changing your socks often throughout the day. Avoiding tight fitting shoes and socks can also be helpful be reducing the dampness and airing out the affected area. While this won’t get rid of the infection completely, it will work with other treatments to keep the rate of spread from continuing. This effect can also be achieved using baby powder or antifungal powder. Shaking a bit into your shoes will keep the feet a bit more dry.

Baking Soda Toe Mask

Your toes, if infected, surely aren’t feeling their cleanest right now. Make them feel fresh and renewed with a homemade mask to lessen the burning sensation and provide some antibacterial defense. Baking soda is known for drying out the much too moist. Mix the powder with a little bit of water to make a thick paste. For an added boost you can mix in a little Boric Acid (found in Borax). Apply the pasty goop in between your toes and all around the nail areas. Leave the mask on for about 2-3 minutes, not long enough to cause any additional irritation, and then rinse it off with hot water.

Vinegar Spa Bath

Take a load off by soaking your aching feet in this refreshing toe fungus treatment. First, mix Epsom salt, hot water, and apple cider vinegar in a container large enough to fit your feet. This treatment can be done multiple times a day for extended periods of time. It is an excellent way to keep the toes clean and happy. The more often you soak, the more quickly the fungus with begin to recede.

Tea Tree Oil

This is an extremely common treatment method. Applying tea tree oil just like basic nail polish to the fungus ridden spot for the duration of the infection is incredibly effective. Lather the area twice a day and make a routine of it. Using this in conjunction with other natural treatments will ensure complete recovery.

Keep Your Nails Cut

Clip those toe nails daily and file them down. Be sure you clean the nail clippers clean by washing them antibacterial soap and using disinfectant before and after every single use. It is also recommended that you do not file down your nails with reusable nail files. Get some disposable emery boards and toss them after you finish. They can carry the fungus from toe to toe and keep stop the healing process.

Flip Flops

It might feel silly to have flip flops on in your own shower, but better safe than sorry. Wear them in any public showers, locker rooms, or swimming pools as well. This simple trick is keeping your feet from retaining too much moister as you pass.

Quick Rinse

After a shower, poor hydrogen peroxide on your toes. This handy go-to isn’t just for emergency first aid. This quick splash will kill bacteria and rinse off that slow drying water.

Garlic Fungus Cream

Make fungus cream by mincing raw garlic cloves then pureeing them in the blender. Rub the product into the skin around the toes and apply generously to the nails effected. This isn’t the best smelling of the home remedies, so its suggested you do this about an hour before you shower or before bed. You don’t want to keep this cream on while you have on socks or shoes. Doing so will have adverse effects.

Oregano Oil

Much like tea tree oil, this can be used to treat a wide variety of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Painting onto the toes like polish throughout the day will be very helpful. You can also mix a few drops with hot water and poor the solution over your toes to cleanse them. This can also be done several times per day to keep the toes clean and refreshed.


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i have a finger nail fungus for almost 12 years, i used alot of tablets including "grisenofluvin" (am sorry if am mistaken with the name)..but it never healed. i need help pleae i really want my nail back

lorna lewis says:

Can you do the same with finger nails

Jazz Cat says:

For me, tea tree oil is very effective for treating toenail fungus. I started using it daily, and within 2 months most of the fungus was gone. Now, 3 months later, my nails are fungus free. I still apply the tt oil daily to prevent anymore fungal infections.

david kamal says:

soak with water + ice cube is one of the solutions !! cold temperatures will kill bacteria

Aide Oropeza says:

You drink the vinegar?

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Soak it in Baking soda it kills the fungus

AspieAlert says:

eucalyptus oil works a treat.

Yvonne Wade says:

so what to do

Gregory Yates says:

Hi, Could I just wash bed sheets and socks and shoes in hot water with some vinegar added and skip the refrigerator step?
Also I like how people with other so called remedies are posting their links on your comments using various names yet comments have similar phrasing. Real cute. Why don't they just create their own videos? They are lazy shiftless subhuman Troglodytes. Thanks for video – I am having success with these treatments.

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thanks a lot for your advice.

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