Kill Athlete’s Foot Fungus Fast Natural Garlic

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This really works, chopped up fresh garlic in olive oil wrap with clear wrap and let it work for a 3 hours or so. Do this 3 days in a row and it’s gone.


Sandra Carrizales says:

This is true but it does come back all you do is reapply again.

I prepare it differently I mush the garlic with a spoon and mix the garlic mush with Olive oil and put it in a cup to use daily till the fungus goes away. ­čÖé´╗┐

david kamal says:

soak in water + ice cubes are one solution´╗┐

Irma Rojas says:

­čśČ ewwwww!´╗┐

Jr Dane says:

I love you grandpa<3´╗┐

MusicLove3000x says:

Thank you so much, this is really working´╗┐

libragem100 says:

Thank YOU !!!´╗┐

Cherry Pop says:

The garlic burns once applied directly on the infection tho. That's how I know it must be working >.<´╗┐

Ds c says:

why once a month. athlete's foot is not a big deal.´╗┐

swordfish00007 says:

Cool vid I know Garlic is amazing for curing so many things….Love Garlic and I will be trying this soon.´╗┐

Mari443Garrett1 says:

where's the rest of the video? what do u do after that?´╗┐

Glory Jackson says:

im weird i like it when it feel itchy so i can scratch it like crazy´╗┐

Fatima Sultana says:

do not use perfume and your athelete foot will heal by itself´╗┐

Bill Pruitt says:

thank you. Will try this. I have it pretty severe on both feet though and had it since January. You're right, none of the drug store stuff works. Even tried Lotrimin Ultra that was suppose to be the strongest. Did not work.´╗┐

xDMrGarrison says:

I've just applied this for 3 hours and I'm already hopeful. I didn't feel any itch during the 3 hours while this morning I was rubbing it like crazy. And I didn't itch when washing and it doesn't itch at all right now.´╗┐

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