WORST FOOT FUNGUS ever, treated with Hydrogen Peroxide

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Rusty williams says:

yeah. Use your fingernail to scrape top of fungus off! Spread it to your fingers, smart.
fungus is coming from inside/under the nail, so this is no cure

René Agerbo says:

They all have to be removed – a new nail will be growing underneath

Emma Emma says:

no gloves… really. Naw!

pennyman81 says:

I hope this guy does not work in food service. this is why I do not go out to eat.

Darth Mal says:

I have it on my big toe nails. I accidentally dropped a pot on my right foot and it hit the big toe nail just right. My toe also broke but after a week, the whole nail fell off and WALLAH! a brand new clean nail was underneath. I've been agonizing whether to drop a hammer on the other one too.

Candelario Sanchez says:

I simply went to the doctor across the border he numbed my toe with a shot and went to work he removed it and put on some ointment and grew back just fine all it cost me was $40 American dollars for everything.

Crystal M says:

OMGOSH I just slapped the crap out of my computer screen with my shoe!!! That profile picture FREAKED ME OUT!!! I thought there was a spider on my monitor!!!

masa Masic says:

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Emetonjo Solomon says:

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Lola Nuss says:

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jlt94earthwarrior1 says:

I worked in tjmaxx distribution warehouse for four years here in Evansville.I worked c shift 4pm to 2:30 am Every night for four years. The concrete here is so uneven that one patch is smooth and the pallet jacks move along just fine then the next patch of concrete will be cracked and uneven. So the pallet jack will be going normal speed then full on speed. Well pallet jack rammed into my foot causing some poorly placed pallets to topple over me. The resulting injury caused my right big toe and toe next to it to become severely infected with fungus. I had to go to the next town over in Newburgh to get treatment for it. Took six months to fully grow back healthy. Worst pain I ever felt from the resulting injuries to my right foot. As a result of working on concrete and injuries I now have severe neuropathy in both feet. I started working there when I was 18 now i'm 22 years old. With my feet in extreme paint constantly i can't do full time jobs anymore. >=( which sucks because i really want to work to get out of this shit hole city.Fungus infections are the most painful thing if you have an existing injury.

Qxeen Jay says:

That's disgusting😩😩

Sharon Girl says:

You should be using gloves to do this.  You are infecting other areas with fungus.

vonzigle says:

This practitioner doesn't seem very capable…

25EllisDee25 says:

hardly the worst case of foot fungus ever. fucking clickbait bs

c s says:

wouldnt that spread to your fingers dude? cooommoon

Fifi Matos says:

That nail looks like it could come right off; why scrape it?

Fifi Matos says:

Video too close; hard to see what's happening.

the ice chest gaming says:

i thought foot fungus was like and muchroom on your row

adbaker74 says:

Why in the name of all that is holy (bacon, tacos, college football, and puppies) would anyone use what appears to be a healthy nail to scrape a FUNGUS off of other nails? What an idiot.

marie d says:

use file or tools to remove fungus after treatment. NOT THE NAILS ON YOUR HANDS! Spreading it to other nails is not good

Dusk GamerPony says:

On the profile picture i thought there was a spider on my screen XD

A Clark says:

Did you know that the Amber Listerine mouthwash kills the fungus it works really good all you do is soak your feet in it for about hour a day for a week or more because everyone is different but it works and it kills the fungus ….

November Storm says:

if the peroxide is so dangerous how come you don't use a q-tip rather than the gauze?

msmeg says:

How incredibly disgusting and completely unprofessional to be doing this with your bare hands!!! OMG!!! You should loose your liscence!!!

Trish Bell says:

Use good old bleach..works everytime

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